Woman accused of selling counterfeit handbags out of her St. Louis home

On behalf of The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C. posted in Internet Crime on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When stories of counterfeiting make the news, the stories often center on counterfeit money.  However, that is not the situation in a recently developing case in St. Louis where a woman is accused of making $600,000 from counterfeit designer purses.

The woman has pleaded guilty to running an online counterfeit handbag business out of her home and is now dealing with the potential ramifications of violating a federal criminal law. The woman has allegedly been running this business out of her home for years. Some of the allegedly fake designer handbags were sold for up to $20,000.

The FBI was tipped off by an individual who purchased an Hermes Birkin bag for $15,800 from the woman and later suspected it was a fake. The 34-year-old woman’s loft was searched by authorities where they claim to have found over 132 fake bags and evidence that this scheme provided the woman with over $600,000 of income between March 2010 and April 2012.

If convicted, the woman could face time behind bars for committing a federal crime. Unfortunately, prosecutors sometimes take unique cases like this and try to make an example out of someone. The U.S. attorney involved in this case said he will continue to prosecute more cases like this one. He also stated that the woman should be penalized for the impact her actions had on the economy.

Everyone is entitled to certain rights, even in the most serious cases. Those accused of serious crimes would be wise to seek legal representation to be sure their rights are upheld.

Source: KMOV, “Woman makes $600,000 selling fake handbags out of her Wash. Ave. loft,” Diana Zoga, June 12, 2012