Federal court sentences St. Louis man to 35 years in bank robbery

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A federal court in Missouri recently sentenced a St. Louis man to 35 years in prison for his alleged part in an attempted armed bank robbery that left one person dead. According to investigators, the 25-year-old defendant and another man tried to rob a Kansas City bank on two separate occasions. Police say the first time the men forced a teller to hand over more than $8,000 while she was held at gunpoint. On the second attempt, the men are said to have discharged a shotgun at a 70-year-old security guard who later died from gunshot injuries.

Under criminal law, crimes that allegedly involve …

MO man gets over seven years in prison without parole for robbery

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A robbery, by definition, is the forced stealing of another’s property. Robbery can not only be a violation of state law or federal criminal law, but charges for robbery can occur in varying degrees, similar to murder and other crimes of violence. Robbery in the first degree typically is distinguished from other degrees by either causing severe bodily harm or the use of a deadly weapon.

In Kansas City, Missouri, a man was recently charged with and sentenced in federal court for using a firearm in a crime of violence. He received a sentence of seven years and six months in federal prison, without the option …

Man facing criminal charges for allegedly robbing Missouri bank

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It is important to remember that all parties facing criminal charges are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. This is true regardless of the nature of the charges. A Missouri man is currently facing charges for violation of federal criminal law. The charges allege that he robbed $2,350 from a bank in Lebanon, Missouri.

The 52-year-old man allegedly entered the bank around 3:15 in the afternoon. According to authorities, he gave a teller a robbery note. As a result, the teller purportedly gave the man $2,350. The man then put the money in a plastic bag and left the bank.

Police were alerted …

Man faces serious charges after alleged attempted robbery and kidnapping

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Under Missouri law, the consequences for committing a crime can be very severe. A conviction for the violation of a federal criminal law can often bring with it more serious penalties than the violation of a state law. However, everyone has rights that must be upheld. Someone who is accused of committing a crime deserves the appropriate treatment and a strong criminal defense.

A recent Missouri case involving a kidnapping and attempted robbery has left one man facing serious accusations. The 26-year-old man involved in the case has been charged with first-degree attempted robbery, two counts of armed criminal action, one count of first-degree assault and two …