St. Louis teacher faces federal prison time for child pornography

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St. Louis residents should be aware that depending on the type and severity of a criminal charge, a person accused of a crime may find that their case falls under the jurisdiction of federal authorities. One category of federal offenses includes white collar crimes such as fraud and embezzlement, which often involve the defrauding of a federal institution. Another category of federal crimes encompasses cybercrime, which takes place over the Internet and, therefore, crosses state boundaries.

Charges for child pornography tend to fall under the category of cybercrime because the receipt and transmission of the images at issue often occur over the Internet. …

Authorities claim Missouri teacher videotaped students undressing

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The Internet is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s world. These constant technological changes, updates and advancements have increased Missouri authorities’ focus on Internet crimes. There are new federal and state laws for them to enforce and, at times, they will aggressively enforce them to prove the laws’ importance and why they should not be violated.

A Missouri teacher was recently accused of videotaping children while they were removing their clothes for a shower. When authorities seized the man’s computer, they say he was in possession of child pornography. The Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is the group that investigated the teacher.

The school district …

Man sentenced to 30 years in prison for Internet crimes

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A Danish man was given the maximum penalty by a judge for committing Internet crimes and harassing an 11-year-old girl from Missouri.

The man worked as a government technology consultant 4,500 miles away in Denmark. He met the girl online in July 2010. He allegedly told her he was a 14-year-old boy and asked that she pose nude in front of a webcam. The girl did as he asked, and the man recorded her.

The girl claims that after posing nude for the man, he used it against her and tried to harass her into posing for him again.

When the girl’s mother found out about the …