Missouri men guilty on charges of conspiracy to commit arson

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A Missouri restaurant owner and two accomplices have been found guilty of conspiracy and arson in connection with the fire at the Hereford House restaurant four years ago. The man, who was a partial owner of the restaurant, the Hereford House, was named Restaurateur of the Year in 1997 and received a hospitality award in 2001. However, the business began to struggle with the development of the Power & Light District. The three men were found guilty of burning down the restaurant to collect insurance money.

Conspiracy to commit a crime is a violation of federal criminal law. By definition, conspiracy is an agreement between at …

Missouri couple now faces federal charges

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In 2001, a former married couple escaped a fire at their Missouri home that claimed the life of their 15 year-old-son. The mother of the boy was subsequently charged with first degree murder and arson after police claimed she confessed to setting the blaze.

Her trial was declared a mistrial in 2002 when the judge said he made a mistake in allowing the jury to see a videotape of a lie detector test administered to the woman where she reportedly confessed to the crime. Now, she faces further charges that accuse her of violating federal criminal law.

In 2006, the Missouri Supreme Court decided that the woman …