MO man gets over seven years in prison without parole for robbery

On behalf of The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C. posted in Federal Crimes on Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A robbery, by definition, is the forced stealing of another’s property. Robbery can not only be a violation of state law or federal criminal law, but charges for robbery can occur in varying degrees, similar to murder and other crimes of violence. Robbery in the first degree typically is distinguished from other degrees by either causing severe bodily harm or the use of a deadly weapon.

In Kansas City, Missouri, a man was recently charged with and sentenced in federal court for using a firearm in a crime of violence. He received a sentence of seven years and six months in federal prison, without the option of parole. The 19-year-old man has a 29-year-old co-defendant who is awaiting her sentence for charges of aiding and abetting firearm usage in a violent crime.

Both defendants in this case have admitted that in November of 2011, they walked into a Missouri bank and approached a teller. The man pointed a handgun at the teller and said they wanted money. The teller took the drawer and put it on the counter, which allowed the man and woman to take and place money into their pockets. They allegedly repeated this process with one other teller and then left the bank.

Police tracked the pair down when they received an anonymous tip that the two individuals were in a Footlocker store shortly after the robbery, purchasing about $900 of clothing and shoes in cash. The next day, the woman went back to the store to return merchandise, at which time she furnished personal information including her name, address and phone number..

When individuals find themselves in a situation like this, they need to understand that it is a very serious situation that must be handled carefully. However, they should also understand that although they have become the subject of such accusations, they still have rights that must be upheld and they are still entitled to a strong defense.

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