Former Missouri detective pleads guilty to sex crimes charges

On behalf of The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C. posted in Federal Crimes on Thursday, July 19, 2012

When facing criminal charges, sometimes pleading guilty is the best option to mitigate the potential negative outcome of a situation. A former Missouri detective may have found that to be the case after he recently pleaded guilty to federal charges for sex offenses.

When the Missouri man worked as a detective, he supervised a drug court program. The program provided counseling, treatment and rehabilitation for its members. It is alleged that the man sexually abused five women who were members of the program and under his supervision.

It is important that an individual who has been charged with sex offenses or other federal crimes act quickly to determine how he or she wants to defend his or her case. If not handled aggressively and in a timely manner, the consequences can be very serious and life-altering. Some of these consequences include becoming a registered sex offender as well as substantial prison time.

No matter how serious the charges may be, individuals facing accusations have rights that must be upheld. Police officers and authorities are required to follow strict procedures when gathering evidence and questioning the accused. Police officers must have probable cause to complete a search and seizure, and they must abide by the Constitution when it comes to interrogations.

It is also always important to consider the credibility of the accuser. Sometimes individuals make frivolous accusations as a form of revenge or anger. All of these reasons make it extremely important to execute a full investigation of the accusations and the alleged crime.

Consequences can often be mitigated, whether you discover a problem with the way that evidence was gathered, a hole in the opposition’s testimony or choose to negotiate a plea deal. Sometimes pleading guilty is the right choice to obtain the best possible outcome in a case where the evidence is overwhelming. In other cases, proceeding to trial may be the best option in light of the evidence brought against the accused.

Source: KRCG, “Ex-detective pleads guilty to sex abuse charges,” July 11, 2012