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Crimes related to alcohol can be emotionally trying. While an adult of age taking a drink commits no crime, what he or she does after consuming a certain level of drinks could become a crime. Alcohol offenses stem from our concern for public safety; we do not want to return to the days of Prohibition, we just want people to drink responsibly.

If you face investigation for or charges related to an alcohol offense, you want to carefully choose the lawyer who will handle your case. A conviction for an alcohol offense can carry severe consequences beyond fines and imprisonment. You may find yourself subject to an order that limits your access to your children, locked out of future job markets and subject to years of monitoring. You want an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to protect your rights.

We handle all matters related to or arising out of a drunk driving arrest, from the administrative proceeding to determine the status of your driver’s license to the criminal hearing to establish guilt or innocence and set penalties. We will make certain that you request an administrative hearing within 15 days of your arrest, and we will raise all reasonable defenses for you at the license revocation/suspension hearing.

At The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C., we have more than 60 years of combined legal experience. We have personally handled more than 1,000 criminal trials, so we have the skill, knowledge and experience to protect your rights in court. We can also quickly determine whether your interests will best be served by seeking a plea agreement.

Our Alcohol Offenses Defense Practice

We provide comprehensive counsel to people charged with alcohol offenses in the federal and state courts in Missouri. It is important to understand that both Missouri and the federal government have laws regarding alcohol related activities (you can actually get a DWI on federal lands and waterways). Generally, charges in federal court carry more significant or severe sentences.

Our lawyers handle a broad range of alcohol related offense, including:

Our lawyers have extensive experience in defending individuals charged with alcohol related offenses, in both state and federal court.

If you hire The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C. to defend you in an alcohol related offense, we will conduct a full investigation of your case, looking at how police gathered evidence against you, as well as the credibility of any testimony against you. We will confirm whether law enforcement officers had probable cause to conduct any search, seizure or arrest, and whether you were properly advised of your constitutional rights if taken into custody.

We know that some individuals charged with drug crimes are better characterized as individuals with alcohol abuse problems and not criminals, and for those who wish to obtain treatment for their problems without a criminal conviction, we can help.

Missouri has recently started taking more severe measures on alcohol related offenses, even for first time offenders. Repeat offenders face a greater threat of actual imprisonment than ever before. To combat these new realities, you need a lawyer with both experience and expertise. You need The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C.

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