St. Louis woman commits wire fraud paying three ghost employees

On behalf of The Marks Law Firm, L.L.C. posted in Fraud on Thursday, August 30, 2012

Different types of crimes involve different scenarios. When it comes to the white collar crime of fraud, it often includes a scheme of some sort that utilizes the Internet or computers to take something of value from a corporation or an individual. A St. Louis woman facing a criminal charge of wire fraud has cooperated with authorities and has entered into a plea deal.

The woman worked for a contractor that services parking meters in St. Louis. The scheme involved paying three ghost employees. An individual who found out about the plot blackmailed the woman and her company to get payment in return for not revealing the misdeeds. …

Former St. Louis cop sentenced to prison for involvement in biker gang

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Every individual facing criminal charges needs to have a defense strategy. Sometimes, depending upon the situation, pleading guilty can be a part of the strategy. In many cases, a guilty plea is part of a negotiated deal that lessens the penalties for a crime. No matter what the strategy, it is important that the accused does not give up on defending his or her position. A strong defense strategy has the potential to result in mitigation or dismissal of charges.

A Missouri man and former St. Louis police officer pled guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge in February and was recently sentenced to almost four …

Man sent to treatment center after serving 10 years in prison

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A criminal conviction is often accompanied by serious penalties. This is true of all crimes, including sex offenses. This is illustrated by the experience of a Missouri man who continues to face the consequences of sex crimes that he committed over 10 years ago. Although the man admitted to committing rape and he served his prison time, his case continues.

In 2001, a Missouri jury found the man guilty of raping a 25-year-old woman. While under oath, the man claimed to have raped two additional women. He was sentenced to and served ten years in prison.

Now that his prison sentence is complete, the court has …

St. Louis officials are unforgiving with synthetic drug offenses

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All types of accusations and charges involving drugs can have a severe and long-lasting impact. The substances most commonly heard of are marijuana, heroin and cocaine. But lately, synthetic drugs have been getting a lot of media coverage. Authorities in St. Louis have taken notice and are not taking the matter lightly.

State and federal officials are cracking down on drug offenses involving these synthetic substances. With initiatives such as “Operation Log Jam” those trafficking synthetic drugs have become a target. At a time like this when authorities are so focused on these types of federal crimes, it is more important than ever for those facing federal …