Three accused of white collar crime and wire fraud

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Multiple people have now been charged in a federal fraud case that involved two out-of-state residents and a third person from St. Louis, Missouri. All three are facing the white collar crimes charges of federal mail and wire fraud. If convicted, they could face hefty financial penalties and substantial time behind bars.

The company the three individuals were employed by was renamed to Guardian Credit Services and Get My Credit Grade. It was unclear from a news report on their case if they were merely employed by the company or if they had managed the company, which is a potentially important difference.

Allegedly, the three collected money upfront …

Missouri woman charged with sex crimes against child, dog

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A year after similar charges were dropped, a Missouri woman is being charged with several federal sex offenses. The Macon County Sheriff’s office arrested the 34-year-old woman Dec. 1 and charged her with endangering the welfare of a child, statutory sodomy and the use of a child in a sexual performance.

All of these charges are felonies, which carry extremely serious penalties in the state of Missouri. Additionally, the woman was charged with a misdemeanor count of unlawful sex acts with a dog, court documents indicate.

The woman allegedly admitted to the sex offenses against the child, who is believed to be a teenage female relative, …

Former credit union employee pleads guilty to white collar crime

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White collar crimes take many different forms and are committed by persons in different kinds of jobs. Although they do not typically involve violence, white collar crimes are no less serious than any other kinds of crimes.

In a nearby town, a former employee of the Alton Employees Federal Credit Union has admitted to using her employer’s money illegally. The 26-year-old Illinois woman acknowledged that she used the money to buy a truck, pay credit card bills, and make personal loans. The woman pled guilty to a federal charge of financial institution fraud after having been indicted in September.

The woman worked for the credit union from 2006 …

Former Mark Twain House employee pleads guilty to fraud

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A woman admitted to falsifying the accounting records of the Mark Twain House where she worked to steal over $1 million dollars over a period of eight years and has now been sentenced for the white collar crime.

Authorities claim the woman submitted false information to the museum’s payroll vendor. She then had the extra money deposited in her bank account. She later adjusted the accounts to cover up advances and reclassified the amounts. She also wrote out checks to herself and forged her supervisor’s signature. Authorities say she used the money to make mortgage payments, home improvements, and for dining out among other things. Eventually, forged …